Books Dead Ahead

Book Cover For Test Subject
Welcome to the town of Government Secrets, Colorado. This is how the Zombie Apocalypse begins.
This is the cover for Substation The Last Stand of Gary Sykes
When the Zombie Apocalypse hits, the power will fail, within two days the grid will go down. Everyone knows that. Gary Sykes knew it too.
This is the book cover of Liberation
After the zombie apocalypse, Gary Sykes gave survivors a chance. Nicole Bennett and her Colorado safe haven will give them a hope. All they have to do is get there.
Cover image of the book M Is For Malpractice
Death has taken everything from Doctor William Franks and he means to have his revenge… by finding a cure.
To find a cure for Death, Doctor Franks would do anything.


Book Cover for Emma Spaulding Paranormal Detective Sasquatch
From the bottom of a mine shaft to the heart of the Hemisphere forest, Emma follows the clues, hoping that whoever or whatever turned Harry into a Bigfoot just might be able to turn Sully, her pet parrot, back into her former partner.
Book Cover for Emma Spaulding Paranormal Detective Djinn
Emma isn’t on anybody’s wish list and not who anybody wants. But she is exactly what Hemisphere needs.
Book Cover for Emma Spaulding Paranormal Detective Soul Eater
Seems someone has dug up a mummy who just happens to be a demon goddess of judgment. She’s back to punish the guilty. Trouble is, everybody is guilty of something.
The demon goddess has her work cut out for her and so does Emma Spaulding.