I Love Lindsey Buckingham

So, first let’s talk about the music.

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I was listening to a live version of Big Love and was trying to wrap my head around what it was I was hearing. It sounds like two guitars backing a vocalist. What it is is Lindsey playing what sounds like two guitars at the same time and oh yeah, singing.

I watched the video to make sure. I had also seen him do it live in concert with my own two eyes but it still is hard for me to believe. He is so next level I find it hard to describe.

Now, let’s talk about the artist. I just bought tickets for his latest tour and absolutely cannot wait. But, and this is almost as hard to believe as believing Lindsey is just one guy playing one guitar, with every ticket purchase you get a free copy of his 3 CD anthology album! I mean I had already preordered the digital copy and I am not cancelling that, but to be so generous with the music is just another reason to love and respect this amazing person. His gracious heart is as big as his talent.

All in one guy with a guitar. See you at the show, Mr. Buckingham!