Lots to do this morning book wise. I am going to try and knock out a huge chunk of editing. Life got in the way. I should have been done editing yesterday. Next on the list is taking Kristy K. James and Rhonda Hopkins notes on my onboarding sequence and getting that shaped up. Speaking of that, initially I was worried that being myself, which of course includes my brand of quirky, nerdy humor might not be…approachable. I know Kristy and Rhonda said they liked it, but the demons of doubt in my head can yell louder. But, I was reading one of David Gaughran’s (I ALWAYS have to look to see how that is spelled) newsletters. I forgot that his brand of humor runs close to mine. Case in point:

“On the plus side, my prolonged convalescence impacted my usual Christmas drinking to the point where I have the pristine liver of a pre-teen boy. I should probably give it back but, in my defense, he was barely using it.”

Now, I’m no Gaughran, but that sounds exactly like something I would say. So, if he can do it in his newsletters, then damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead! Don’t know who said that originally, but Damn The Torpedoes is a pretty good Tom Petty album. Yes it is.


Profile Picture for Philip A. McClimon
Philip A. McClimon is an author who likes to write about the end of the world (post apocalyptic, Sci/Fi), mostly because he thinks the shopping would be awesome (No crowds, everything free). He likes heroes that are the strong, silent type and not necessarily male. By silent he means up until the time there is something snarky to say, usually before, during, and after doing something cool. He writes Urban Fantasy under the name Billy Baltimore for no other reason than that he likes the name. Many of the same rules for his other stories apply to Billy’s, strong silent types, smart mouth, does cool stuff, but these stories take place in a made up town called Hemisphere and involve stuff you only ever hear about on late night conspiracy talk show podcasts, which are, if you think about it, pretty awesome too. So, that’s Phil. He’s not strong, rarely silent, and isn’t known for doing a lot of cool things. But his characters are.