Is it over?

Is it over?

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Glen Frye is dead. So is Tom Petty. Fleetwood Mac kicked out my man Lindsey Buckingham and so they are dead to me. Van Halen looks like they are getting something going again, but without Diamond Dave or Michael Anthony, so really it’s just a couple of malcontent brothers. Elton John is retiring, so it’s goodbye Sir Elton, thank you for all you gave us. I just watched the movie Bohemian Rhapsody and was reminded what a force of nature we had in Freddy Mercury and it made me miss him all the more, all over again. Steve Perry maybe is going to do something with Neil Schon, but probably won’t tour. I’m going to see Billy Joel later this year, but he hasn’t put out a new album in like decades, so it will be an awesome blast from the past, but…

I guess that’s the thing when I think about it. All those who contributed to the soundtrack of my life are slipping away, to be replaced by other artists making the sound track for other people’s lives. I ask myself, is it over? Not my life, really. I mean I would like to think I have some years ahead of me, but the years of my youth are behind me and the voices that framed those years with music and song are increasingly only to be found on recordings.

It’s almost like my time on the stage is growing to an end. All the world’s indeed a stage and we are merely players. They have their exits and entrances. William Shakespeare said that, but so did RUSH in Limelight.

So, the question remains. Is it over? Do I make myself content that whatever run I had was a good one, wait around until I am shuffled off stage? Or maybe, maybe just maybe keep the faith, draw strength from those ever diminishing voices from my past, put a song on and perform? In my own way?

“Ain’t it funny how the night moves, with autumn closing in…”

I guess I have my answer.

It ain’t over yet.