Chris Sapp & Philip A. McClimon

By The Sword (Think "Gladiator") Epic Fantasy

2010 Scriptapalooza Quarter-Finals
2010 Page Semi-Finals
2011 Page Semi-Finals

Johnny Lonesome (Think "The Boys" "Hancock") Gritty Superhero

2011 Page Quarter-Finals
2011 Austin Film Festival Second-Round
2012 Page Quarter-Finals

Sector Six (Think "Oblivion") Retitled Alien Harvest Off World Sci-Fi

A disgruntled ex-homeland agent turned eco-ranger must overcome his self-imposed isolation on a distant forest planet to try and save earth when he encounters a hostile alien race bent on harvesting humanity like a natural resource.

2012 Austin Film Festival Second-Round
2013 Page Semi-Finals

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Moonshot (Think "Total Recall" "Soylent Green") Dystopian Sci-Fi

2021 Austin Film Festival Second Round