Every now and then there is a confluence of events that pull the curtain back on what is going on, or at least serve as a reminder to those paying attention of what is happening.

First, there is Scott Pruitt, the subject of Fourteen separate federal investigations. That’s not what really bothers me about this… individual. What bothers me is his stated goal to fight the “activist activist agenda of the EPA.” This when he was Attorney General of Oklahoma.


In and of itself it’s his right to take any position he wants. Except that the person currently occupying the office of the presidency (see what I did there?) made him… head of the EPA.

The key words in EPA of course are “Environmental” and “Protection.”

So activist agenda to Pruitt must mean something like clean water, less pollution, and conservation.

Okay, whatever. Pruitt is out. He imploded under the weight of his own corruption and privilege. No real hope we’ll get somebody better though.

And then there’s this…


A lot of the super rich are apparently building bunkers and investing millions in preparation for some catastrophic species ending event.

Brought on no doubt by the treatment of the environment by these same super rich.

Now, even if this is not being done by a large percentage of the super rich, though I suppose it probably is, it reflects a mindset that is significantly disturbing.

These individuals see everything as a resource, upon which they can draw to enhance their personal wealth and secure their position. Should they find that all of their efforts have destroyed the planet, they have a place all ready to go. They’re going to be just fine.

And the rest of us? Well, remember when I said they see everything as just a resource?


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