Time to play B sides

Time to play B sides

I was proofing a work that I am getting ready for relaunch. It’s a zombie story, one of the first I wrote. I came across this line and I had to smile. I am still proud of this bit of main character internal monologue.

Music was the “B” side of the human condition, a touch of the divine, a telling reminder that the ugliness of humanity was not the whole story.


They have all just come through some harrowing circumstances and are taking a breather before the final push into the third act. The characters stop in a record store, yeah, I wrote this awhile ago. I think record stores were still a thing then. They are each getting some tunes for the road. The main character is struck by the fact that all the people who made all the music are dead or zombies. She wonders how long it will be before another generation arises that can make such music again.

Lamenting, she realizes it will be a very long time.

Anyway, really love that line, proud of it. It’s how I feel. And I think it’s true.